You can sell on Artupia paintings, drawings, and artworks that have substantial artistic value with a 2D support. 

At the moment is not possible to upload prints, digital art, photos, sculptures.

We are working to extend our art categories as soon as possible.


Users are not allowed to sell artworks that were created by other artists. 

The artists warrant that the artworks uploaded are original and handmade by themselves. 


Sellers can't have identical artworks on sale, including in different categories or using different profiles. Artworks are considered duplicates if they have no significant difference between them. To avoid having your artworks treated as duplicates, make sure you clearly show the differences in search results by the title, detail, precision, condition, photo, specifics.


The use of nude images is restricted, and artists can't insert artworks containing explicit or overtly sexual content. We'll review the content of the artwork images to determine if an artwork should be removed.


Following the spirit of a worldwide community, we don't allow artworks that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views unless they have substantial artistic value.

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