To use our Augmented reality feature, you need to download the app Artupia only for iOS devices like iPhone 6S or iPad Pro or newer devices. 

Use AR 

To use our Augmented Reality featured, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to our app and press the button AR;
  2. Then press the button “+”;
  3. Select an artwork and point the iPhone in front of the wall;
  4. Move the device in front of the wall to scan the surface as shown by the gif until the wall is detected;
  5. Press the green button “Tap”;
  6. Look at the work hanging in front of you.

Now move sideways to see it in perspective or walk towards the artwork to see the details.

Perspectives and details

Move your iPhone to see the work from different points of view and perspectives.

Try to move closer to the wall and discover all the details of the construction.

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