1) Take good pictures
It’s important to take high-quality pictures that accurately represent the appearance of your artwork in real life. Make sure that it is a minimum of 800 x 700 pixels and it does NOT exceed 10 Mb. 

Use a diffuse natural or artificial lighting to light the entire artwork thoroughly, without shadows or harsh reflections. Do not use the flash on your camera, use it only to supplement other significant light sources.

2) No Frame, no wall 

The first image uploaded should be without frame and wall. Just the artwork.

We need this to create our digital previews and to offer the Augmented Reality experience on our iOS app.

3) Details 

The other images should show as much details as possible, so buyers know exactly what to expect. If the appearance of your artwork has changed, please upload new images.

4) Original

Do not use pictures copied from another artist, seller, website, retailer, manufacturer or anyone else.

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