Artupia offers the chance to create an artistic career through a new evaluation system based on sales and appreciation. 

Innovative evaluation.

We have created a new system of evaluation based on the characteristics of the artwork created.

When you upload an artwork, our algorithm assigns a value to physical characteristics of the work such as the type of support and its size, the technique and the materials used, the hours worked and the price requested by the artist.

Once the evaluation is accepted, the work is put on sale at this starting price and cannot for any reason be sold at a lower price.

Dynamic price.

When the artwork is on sale,  the price can have fluctuations based on users’ interaction.

It can be viewed by our users who can explore details, save it on their collection, add it to their cart or try it on the wall with augmented reality. These interactions influence the price of the artwork. So the more your artwork generate interest, the more the price of your artwork will grow. 

Moreover when you sell an artwork, all the prices of your artworks will grow together.

The evaluation cannot for any reason be lower than the starting price. Artists can only sell their artworks at an equal or higher price.

Artist’s quotation

At Artupia the artist’s quotation grow accordingly to the success in reaching people’s interest and improving demand.

The interest and appreciation received for all works and sales go to build the artist's quotation.
The more you quotation is high, the more the prices of all the works uploaded will increase and your start price will be consistent.
The same rules are applied to every artist.

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