Payment methods

We accept all the payment methods.
You can pay your artwork with Credit card, Debit card or PayPal.
Artupia offers a 100% secure payment system and holds your payment until the artwork arrives from you. We will transfer the money to the artist only after that your artwork is successfully delivered and we receive your confirm that everything is fine or it passes 7 days without any confirmation.

Gift Card

Artupia gives you the possibility to gift credit to people you love to allow them to get unique and original artworks.

Press this link:, choose the amount and insert the email of your friend to send a Gift Card.

Your friend will receive a mail with a Card with a code to spend it with a great artwork.

My transaction status
When you sell or buy an artwork, Artupia will send you notifications through email about the transaction process. Moreover you can view the transaction details on "my transaction” section.

If after visiting your transaction page you still have questions about your transaction, please contact us at

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