PayPal Account

All artists on Artupia must have a Paypal account because they can receive payments only through their PayPal account. We use PayPal because it allows us to automatically send payments in real time in 27 countries and to have management fees contained.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can always create one on pressing this link, it’s easy and free:

Delivery, Confirm and Payment

Artupia offers a 100% secure payment system and holds the payment until the artwork arrives to the recipient.

The artist will receive the payment from Artupia, when:

  1. the artwork is successfully delivered;
  2. the buyer confirms that everything is fine or it passes 7 days without any confirmation;

After that, the payment will be sent to the PayPal account of the artist.

Artupia Fee

When an artwork is sold, the artist receives the 80% of the artwork’s price and Artupia holds the 20% for its services.

Insured Package

If the package is insured, the artist receives 79% of the artwork’s price and Artupia holds the 1% to pay the insurance.

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