When an artwork is purchased, Artupia immediately organizes the delivery for the artist. 

The buyer will pre-pay all applicable postage costs.

The artist need only to pack the artwork, print the shipping label and bring the pack to the indicated courier. The artwork is delivered straight from the artist’s studio to your shipping address.

Shipping price

We have a collaboration with international couriers to ship quickly and suitably our artworks. 

The shipment costs are based on the addresses of seller and buyer and the system chose the cheapest rate automatically adding it to the total of the transaction.

The costs cover customs fees when the shipment is international but we are not responsible for any extra applicable duties and taxes that will not be included in the total price. 

The shipping process

  1. The artist receives the notification from Artupia that the buyer made the payment;
  2. The artist packs the artwork and inserts measures and weight of the package on “my transaction” page accurately;
  3. Artupia organizes the shipment and sends the shipment label to the artist;
  4. The artist stamps the shipping label, attaches it on the pack and brings it to the courier indicated within 3 days from the notification of the payment;
  5. The buyer receives the notification that the package is in transit;
  6. The buyer gets the package.

Number of shipping days

The artwork usually arrives at the buyer’s destination between 3 to 7 business days from the delivery date. If the work is shipped internationally, it may arrive within 7 to 10 business days from the delivery date.

Some little delays may occur if the artwork is exhibited in an art gallery, the artist is abroad or the customs require more documentation for export (or import) or there are holidays.

We handle these delays and work to get the artwork to your address as soon as possible.

Customs management

When you purchase artworks from another country, Artupia immediately organizes the international shipment (note: the cost of the shipment cover customs fees).

We handle the customs and if there is a request for additional documentation for export (or import), we prepare everything to get the artwork to your address as soon as possible.

Combine multiple orders

You can combine multiple purchase from a single artist in a single package when the buyer is the same.

Track your Package

You can view the tracking of your package on "my transaction” section pressing the link inside the transaction details page.

If after visiting your transaction page you still have questions about your transaction, please contact us at support@artupia.com.

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