Artwork not shipped

If the artist does not bring the artwork to the courier, we can automatically determine that the artwork isn’t shipped and we will reimburse the buyer for the total amount paid.

Risk of loss

The risk of loss or damage of artwork shall remain with the seller until the package is successfully delivered to the recipient. The buyer needs to report it by contacting us at  7 days after the delivery date.

Artwork undeliverable

If an artwork is undeliverable, Artupia will contact the buyer to find a correct or alternative address. If the buyer is not contactable or do not withdraws the artwork to the service point, the artwork will return back to the seller. In this case, the buyer will be responsible for the return postage costs and Artupia will send the payment to the seller.

Damaged package

Any damage to the artwork that occurs in transit is the responsibility of the seller. If the artwork is damaged in the post, the buyer needs to report by contacting us and sending images of the pack at within 7 days from the delivery date. We will contact the courier immediately to have explanations and take action. If your package is very damaged, we could also ask for a refund of your shipment.

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