Artupia is an innovative art marketplace for emerging artists and offers the chance to create an artistic career online.
We believe that an artist’s quotation should grow accordingly to the success in reaching people’s interest and improving demand.

The price is based on two main evaluation factors:

  • The start price. The first time you upload a piece, Artupia gives to your artwork a "starting evaluation” based on its physical characteristics of the artwork (such as materials, dimensions), creation characteristics ( such as technique, detail, hours of work).
  • The interest generated. For each “detail visualization”, “add to collection”, “purchase”, "follower" (and on other parameters as well) your artwork‘s price and value will improve and your quotation as an artist will grow in real-time. 

So the more you generate interest, the more your quotation will grow.
The more you quotation is high, the more your start price will be consistent.

The same rules are applied to every artist.

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