It’s important to take high-quality photographs that accurately represent the appearance of your artwork in real life:

  1. Use a diffuse natural or artificial lighting to light the entire artwork thoroughly, without shadows or harsh reflections; 

Photos should be:

  • big enough to show details clearly and fill the whole frame when appropriate;
  • multiple if you want to show as much detail as possible;
  • with artwork details of any flaws, stains, wear and tear, or any other damage so buyers know exactly what to expect;
  • set the camera to a medium or higher resolution (for example 1024x768 pixels or larger) to produce good quality photos;

Do not use:

  • pictures copy from another seller, website, retailer, manufacturer or anyone else without their permission;
  • the flash on your camera if your artwork is reflective like glass on a framed artwork or if it has a mirror; use it only to supplement other significant light sources.

If the appearance of your work has changed, please contact our support team at to change your artwork image.

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