Artupia is an innovative marketplace of contemporary art that allows the user to buy and sell works of art. Artupia helps buyers to find the best art for them and to help artists to spread their art worldwide.

With Artupia buyers can:

  • Discover new artworks following their passions, emotions, interests or tastes;
  • Have a personal virtual collection;
  • Try their favorite artwork on their home walls to test the dimensions and colors of the artwork and see if it fits (only with the iOS app).
  • Buy at a fair price thanks to the "Artupia Magic Price" that calculates the quality, the purchase request, the appreciation and the interest aroused of the artwork. 
  • Resell the artwork purchased to another Artupia user interested.

With Artupia artists can:

  • Start an "artistic career" with a real time quotation based on the engagement induced on users. The more an artist receives appreciation and interest (like visualizations, adds, shares on social media, purchases...), the more the quotation will grow and consequently the price and the value of the works (sold or on sale).
  • Have a "simplified shipment" with a system that finds the best rates for the buyer and creates the shipment. The artist will only have to stamp the shipment label, attack it on the package and give it to the courier. 
  • Receive a 5% copyright revenue each time a buyer resell the artist's artwork to another Artupia user. 
  • Be promoted through videos, advertisement, and events to explain to users their style, their message, and their passion. 

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