Artworks must be must be "as described". If a buyer receives an artwork that doesn’t match the artwork description, he/she must report by contacting us at within 7 days from the delivery, to start our Artupia Refund Programme.

When a buyer starts the transaction defect process we will guide both seller and buyer through the process, step by step. The seller get a notification and an email letting him know that the buyer has started that process for get a refund.  In addition, the artwork charge will be temporarily hold in our PayPal account for that sale. 

Through the transaction defect process, we review the artwork description, photos of the artwork provided by the buyer or seller, plus any other information about the artwork that the buyer and seller provide. In this way, we can determinate if the artwork matches the artwork description. 

If we DETERMINATE that the artwork DOESN'T MATCHES the artwork description, we refund the full costs of the artwork and original postage via PayPal when the Seller Return Process request is closed or concluded. Sellers will be responsible for return postage costs in case of verified defect. The buyer can not sell the artwork on Artupia or elsewhere.

If we DETERMINATE that the artwork MATCH the artwork description, the request closes automatically.

If we CAN'T DETERMINE that the artwork matches the artwork description because we aren't sure about something or can't prove it with certainty, we may not take any action, or we may ask the buyer to send the artwork to Artupia address, and we will determine if there is the defect. If the artwork doesn't match the listing info, we will refund the buyer for all the costs and ask the seller for the refund.
Alternatively, with the buyer’s consent, we may give a partial refund to cover differences between how the artwork was described in the artwork and the actual artwork that was received. When given a partial refund, a buyer isn’t asked to return the artwork to the seller. The seller may be required to reimburse us for the partial refund.

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